Glencore Collinsville Coal split weighbridges

When Collinsville decided to upgrade its wagon loading system it chose Honeywell to provide a PLC system for gate control. Loading control was to be volumetric-based with early warning gross weighbridge feedback to reduce bogie overloading. With the low coal price, Collinsville was keen on economical solutions and Meridian was happy to supply a tare and gross weighbridge. Meridian offered two split weighbridge.

Meridian’s new split design has no significant performance difference from our proven regular weighing system for train speeds under 10kph. However the new design has the major advantage of not requiring sleeper relocation or track foundation disturbance. It is estimated that it is $10,000 cheaper to install with a half day of installation time saved.

The new split weighers were found to match well with the nearby Queensland Rail Collinsville overload detector weighbridge with total train weight matching comfortably within ±0.5%.

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