Griffin Coal Ewington Mine Site Train Loading Improvement System

Meridian Engineers’ involvement with Griffin Coal commenced in 1998. Today Meridian have one truck and three train loading improvement systems installed at their Ewington load-out facility in Collie. For years these systems have allowed Griffin Coal to load trains to target while virtually eliminating overloads.

In late 2006, Meridian installed their new trackweigh in-motion weighbridge at Ewington using bolt-on sensors. It is the first weighbridge in Australia using bolt-on transducers to be certified for trade use. The Meridian bolt-on technology allowed the entire project to be completed within three weeks of order, which again sets new precedents for supply of train weighbridges.

Meridian have also installed an integrated coal tracking management system at Ewington. The system is integrated with the TLI systems so that all coal products are tracked from the reclaim stockpile to the loading point. Daily and weekly reports are emailed to Griffin personnel as well as automatically stored in databases for customised query reporting.

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