Weighbridge Data Management System

Benefits to connecting WDMS to a weighbridge site:

1. Statistical reporting of trains weighed at the site and ability to compare performance between different sites.

This information is presented in downloadable reports as well as graphical comparisons of site weights to designated reference weighbridges for both loaded and empty wagons.

Other information includes
  • Zeroing System Health comparison graphs.
  • Zeroing temperature analysis graphs.
  • Comparisons of merged exit /entry weighpoints.
  • Wagon Weight Vs Speed Plots
  • Wagon Weight Vs Temperature Plots
  • Links to site files and drawings to assist in support.
  • Links to controllers.
  • Train Reports.
  • Log Reports to assist in support.
  • Links to Net Weight reports (for sites that support this function).
  • Shows Site Topology.

2. Assisting with diagnostic assessment of a weighbridge site both in proactive and reactive scenarios. WDMS will generate alarms on key metrics allowing the site to investigate an alarm before it becomes an issue

3. Controlling calibration and configuration changes of weighbridge sites, which allow site staff to understand the calibration changes that have been made and how it effects ongoing trends.

4. Support desk to track all incidents raised on a weighbridge site so all staff have access to any issues that have been raised by either party.

WDMS utilises a 2-factor authentication sign in method. This requires a username, password and a mobile phone authentication app (Available on both iOS and Android) For added security